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Birthdate:Nov 19
Location:United States of America
My Handle: Metanaito, or KHT (Kratos Hates Tomatoes), for those of you that followed me from Fictionpress to my Livejournal.
IRL Name: Can't tell you that; not unless you know me.
Gender: Female.
Birthday: November 19.
Hobbies: Writing, video games, reading webcomics, RP (internet, LARP, and D&D-esque), minor programming and coding.
Major: Computer Engineering.
So, what is this journal for?: I've had this journal for a long time. I tried using it as a personal diary, and it never really worked... I'm not too decent at keeping diaries, to be honest. So, I've remodeled it in a sense, and I've decided to keep it strictly as a diary for my stories. I.e., place my stories up here too, so that they can be read in their true form (with all the violence, sex, and rock'n'roll you could wish for), as opposed to the restrictions on sites such as and I am a part of both sites and will point both sites to this journal.
When did you first start writing?: When I was about three, I wrote a strange crossover story that involved all my favorite movies, and my parents thought my imagination was quite incredible. Since then, I've been involved in writing. I started seriously writing when I was about twelve, but have (hopefully) improved since then.
Why do you write R-rated and NC-17 material?: ... because it's hot? In all seriousness, I simply like writing it. I would never suggest doing such things in real life (except maybe the sex *cough*), and do not condone violence. On screen or in print, it's completely harmless and does not physically or emotionally injure anyone, so I'm all for it, really.
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